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Long after my wrist injury had healed, it continued to hurt and feel weak. Nothing I tried helped, until I started acupuncture with Dr. Jean. I have been amazed with how much this has helped, with pain and with increasing the strength of my wrist. Thank you!
Alana, Pasadena

I started going to Jean because of daily, chronic pain from Fibromyalgia (frequently accompanied by IBS) and arthritis.  I refused to take pain pills and decided to try a different route. Jean was very thorough and patiently listened to the endless list of aches and pains I brought in (they changed from week to week). She calmly and gently addressed all of them.  Gail, Los Angeles

I first came to visit Dr. Jean Tom after my shoulder was injured in a car accident. Jean took a lot of time during our initial session, asking questions about my injury and also about my overall health. The sessions were very helpful for my shoulder. But for five years now, I have remained a loyal weekly client of Dr. Jean because of many more benefits. She is able to tailor each session to address whatever is on my mind, and wherever imbalances exist in my body. I emerge physically relaxed and mentally clear - every time - all because of Dr. Jean's terrific way of treating me.  David, Pasadena

I came to see Jean because I was experiencing several menopause symptoms including night sweats, hot flashes, depression, fatigue, poor memory and achy joints. After only a few acupuncture treatments, I no longer had any menopause symptoms. In addition to acupuncture, Jean prescribed Chinese herbs to keep me balanced. 
Barbara, Los Angeles

Dr. Tom and I reconnected when I had a back issue. The electronic stimulation coupled with the needles was great! What would have seemed like a great amount of time to heal, Dr. Tom's approach to treating my back aided in it healing in record time.  Gina, Pasadena

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