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I had been seeing a chiropractor on a semi-regular basis and was not experiencing any long lasting relief for the ongoing constant pain in my lower back, my shoulders and the whole right side of my body. While the immediate pain was the reason that I originally sought out Dr. Jean's help, it is her sincere ability to care about her patients as a person that makes the difference. Our one-hour appointments are the high spot of my week. She treats the pain and it gives me a new beginning for each week. She truly cares about my quality of life and seems to be able to see the bigger picture when it comes to my overall health and well-being. Cheryl, Arcadia

I started to see Dr. Tom because I was experiencing muscle pain over my entire body, with fatigue and sleep disruptions. Medical doctors gave me about 15 different medications to treat this, none of which worked. My medical Dr. said I should try acupuncture. I did not know a lot about acupuncture, and had even less faith in it. After about four visits, my symptoms began to ease. The first symptom to ease was fatigue. With each subsequent visit other symptoms began to regress. I'm now on my thirteenth visit and I'm about 98% of my former self. No medication I received came close to this level of success. Not even the injections into my spine. Overall, this has been a very rewarding experience. I think anyone with medical issues should consider acupuncture. Even if you are having some progress with a medical team, Dr. Tom can fine tune the problem.  Greg, Hollywood

I suffer from chronic lower back pain. This condition limits me, and if affects every part of my life in a negative way. I have gone to medical doctors and specialists who prescribed muscle relaxers and pain killers. I do not like the side effects of the medications - I am only living half a life when I take them. During my acupuncture treatments, it's like being in another world - they are painless, relaxing, and re-energizing. The results are amazing. Acupuncture works! But your experience with acupuncture will depend largely on the acupuncture provider that you choose. If you respect and trust your practitioner, your encounter with acupuncture will be a positive one. I have found this with Dr. Tom. She is a warm, caring, compassionate professional. I can thank her for the positive impact she has made in every aspect of my life now that I do not live in constant pain. She is better than any drug! Teresa, Pasadena

I came to Dr. Jean because I was going through bad pre-menopause symptoms as well as having digestive issues. After a few treatments along with the herbs she gave me to take, I was feeling over 50% better. My night sweats had improved, my digestion was better and I had more energy. I still continue treatment each month just to get that "balance". She is truly amazing in her art & truly knows how to heal. 
Elizabeth, Sierra Madre



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